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Car Detailing in Toronto

Our interior detailing service

Feeling good inside your car is a ‘must’ to us. This is why we take interior detailing very seriously. First, we use air purging to remove dusty particles and debris, then we vacuum to make sure everything looks spotless. We then deep clean everything else, from carpets, to door panels and mirrors. Take a look at our list of interior detailing services and get ready to enjoy your clean, fresh smelling and sparkling car!

  • Seat, carpet and floor matt shampoo (with products suitable for your car’s particular features – leather, textile etc.)
  • Door panel cleaning
  • Vinyl dash cleaning
  • Glass and mirror cleaning
  • Protection treatment against stains (fabric)

With our protection treatment you’ll have peace of mind for spills before it gets to the fabric and becomes a stain. Not to worry, trunk vacuuming will also be a part of your interior clean up. 

Our Prices vary for vehicle size and condition. We have different packages & pricing.

We encourage you to call as about the price and what you need.

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